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In this autobiography, Mr. Dard captures fond memories of his childhood days tracing his ancestry to the chosen 313 companions of the Promised Messiah among whom his grandfather Hazrat Master Qadir Bakhsh of Ludhiana was a key follower of our beloved Imam Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mehdi (peace be upon him). Given his ancestral background and close affinity with Hazrat Masih-e-Maoud, Mr. Dard enjoyed a close and fond association with all the Khalifas of the Jamaat all of whom seem to have given some degree of responsibility and regard for his bond and a cheerful spirit for serving Ahmadiyyat the True Islam. Dr. Dard is featured with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V in English program on MTA – the only 24 hour Muslim Television, Ahmadiyya, telecast from MTA studios in London.

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A professor whose uncle played a helping hand in founding Pakistan, talks about his life after publishing his autobiography 10 years after starting it. Matiullah Dard, 75, now lives opposite Belmarsh prison in Thamesmead but was born in the Punjab region of India before partition. His family, along with more than seven million Muslims, crossed the border to the new country of Pakistan, before living all over the world. He has scores of family who still live in Pakistan but they have all managed to escape the ravaging effects of the recent flood. The father-of-one, who helped spread the Islamic movement, called Ahmadiyya, to communities worldwide, was asked by the community in Britain to chart their history. Now a decade later, the book called An Ahmadiyya Muslim Autobiography is finished. He said: "I thought I should write an autobiography on how I established these communities. I feel very satisfied that I have recorded the events of my life which would relate to the history of things, particularly my uncle’s part in founding Pakistan."


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A Recent Manifestation of the Divine Acceptance of the Prayers.
At the Fazl London Mosque-1980
A recent function at Bait ul Futuh-London-2012. Annual Dinner of T I College Old Boys U K Mutteeullah Matiullah Dard
Dr.Mutteeullah Matiullah Dard. At Hadeeqa tul Mahdi-Annual Jalsa-2011. U K.
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